Water Damage Extent Costs in Boston, MA

The cost of getting your commercial or residential structure in Boston back to pre-disaster conditions varies depending on several different factors. In order to give you an accurate quote, Kennedy Restoration Services performs free and thorough inspections when you call us in for water damage restoration assistance.  Based on our findings, we’ll provide you the best recommendations based on the scope and costs of the work that we do.

Here’s an overview of what you can expect us to factor in when we calculate the quote that we present you:


Extent of Damage

The extent of water damage can be assessed by measuring the total area intruded by water and the types of areas compromised. Most of the water is usually visible, but a significant amount of it will be found in places that are hard to see and reach. Crawl spaces, ceilings and the interiors of walls are ideal spots for hidden water pockets to cause silent destruction.


Type of Floodwater

Water damage costs are also dependent on the type of floodwater involved. There are three main categories of water: white water, gray water and black water. White water is relatively clean. It’s low in contaminants and infectants, making it less hazardous to health and property compared to the two other classifications. This is the type of water that comes from water line leaks, faucet leaks and boiler overflows.

Gray water is moderately contaminated and possibly hazardous to human health. Water from clogged sinks, toilet tank overflows and dishwasher overflows are classified under this category.

Black water is the most dangerous classification of floodwater. It’s highly contaminated and unsanitary. Examples of black water are water from a toilet that has fecal matter, sewer water and water from overflowing rivers, lakes and seas.


Type of Damaged Materials

Different structures are built with different materials. Obviously, a glass tile floor costs more to repair than a concrete one. Based on current market conditions, we’ll give you the best options to get your place back to the way that it was.


Types of Damaged Content

Your structure isn’t the only thing compromised when water damage sets in. Its contents also suffer tremendously when unwanted water creeps in. Furniture, textiles and appliances can take a major hit, and we’ll assess which ones can be salvaged. Contents that are beyond repair will need to be replaced, affecting the total cost of the effort.


Presence of Mold

Floodwater provides plenty of water and moisture for mold spores to activate. When mold grows and thrives, it can eat away at fabrics, drywall, wood and other materials. Mold also releases irritating – and sometimes toxic – spores that can inflict a wide range of health disorders on the people in a structure.

We’ll carefully inspect your home or workplace for mold and apply abatement measures if any is found. Mold removal requires specialized equipment and techniques, which are factored into your final bill.


Amount of Humidity

When water stays indoors for a significant period of time, some of it evaporates and turns into moisture. This moisture can revert back to liquid under the right conditions, which means your place is never really dry as long as it hangs in the air. Moisture can nourish mold, weaken fabrics and hinder breathing for people with pre-existing respiratory conditions. We’ll measure indoor air humidity and compare it to that of the air outside. If the air within your home or workplace carries a relatively higher degree of water concentration, we’ll bring in powerful dehumidifiers to normalize indoor air conditions. This will also be a factor in the final expense tally of your water damage restoration project.

If you have water damage insurance, we can assist you in filing a successful claim so you won’t have to spend too much on water damage repair costs. We will guide you in making the most sensible financial decisions so you can carry on with life and business quickly after disaster happens.

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