Water Damage restoration Procedure in Boston, MA

Water damage in Boston can cause home and office owners a lot of grief, not only on a financial level but also on a personal level. However, you have nothing to worry about with Kennedy Restoratiaon Services on the job. We have a comprehensive restoration procedure which details how we do things. As soon as we receive your call for assistance, our team is ready to travel to your location as quickly as possible.

Damage Assessment and Cataloging

The first step after our crew has arrived on-site is to survey and assess the extent of the damage. Our team has to ensure that the area will be safe to work in and that all items that can be salvaged will be properly cataloged for restoration and retrieval for their owners. We will also document all the damage on the property so as to supplement any insurance claims that will be filed on the owner’s behalf.

Water and Debris Removal

For extreme cases like floods, heavy duty water extraction equipment can be brought in to quickly and efficiently remove all traces of water. Once all standing water has been extracted, any loose debris and ruined property can now be removed safely.

Dehumidification and Drying

Kennedy Restoration Services utilizes advanced drying and dehumidifying equipment to ensure that all excess moisture on the property will be removed. This is an important step since it prevents the growth of mold normally associated with water damage. The entire area will be given a thorough sweep so as to completely dry out all remaining water.

Structural Damage Repair

Any structural damage inflicted will now be repaired by our highly competent and professional repair team. Any damaged areas can also be reinforced to make them even stronger than before. If no major damage was incurred to the building, then we can always do minor maintenance work such as painting and touch up to any finishes that have faded during the disaster period.

Final Clean Up Procedures

A final sweep of the area will be done to ensure that all services have been completed in an efficient manner. Floors, walls, ceilings and the building’s entire exterior should now be free of debris and water damage. Minor sanitation work will now commence to ensure that the area is prepared for habitation once again.

Kennedy Restoration Services Does Things Right

With Kennedy Restoration Services, you’ll be assured that we will be with you every step of the way. If you’re in the Boston, Massachusetts area and are in need of assistance, we have a quick response team ready to go to your location at a moment’s notice. If you have further questions regarding our water damage restoration services, feel free to get in touch with us through our Contact Us page.

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