Burst Pipe Damage in Boston, MA

Of all the unfortunate disasters that could befall your home, there is none more frustrating and difficult to deal with than a pipe that has burst. After the initial panic dies down, the first thing that you should do is to remedy the water damage that the burst pipe has caused.

If not dealt with immediately, the water damage from a burst pipe can become a large mold problem. How quickly you fix the water damage is critical not only to your home, but to your health as well. The water damage caused by a burst pipe can lead to bacteria and mold spores that will multiply and penetrate little cracks and crevices where they best thrive, causing respiratory problems, headaches, sneezing and even vomiting.

The water that seeps into flooring and drywall can cause pockets of moisture that will rot the wood in between the walls and floors. Aside from mold, the fibers of the wood will decay slowly, ensuring that you will need to resort to expensive replacements. But worry not, for we have some tips for cleaning up the damage as quickly as possible.

Stop the Flow

Find the source of the water damage and stop the flow of excess water from entering your home. The more water, the bigger the water damage cleanup. If, by some unfortunate circumstance you cannot see the burst pipe, then turn off the water supply as quickly as you can. As an additional safety precaution, be sure to turn off the electrical power in the section of the home where the water damage has occurred.

Work quickly and efficiently

After the panic has subsided, you’ll want to assess the level of damage to your home. If the water damage is limited, you can mop up the mess and clean up by yourself. But if carpeting, tile, rugs, drywall and the ceiling below have been compromised, be sure to call a professional water restoration company immediately. The most important things to do now is to remember that you are in damage control mode, and that you are racing against the clock.

Additionally, the bacteria that makes the hazardous mold spores can begin to grow in mere hours of the initial catastrophe. Waiting to take care of the problem can be a definite risk to you and your family’s health.

Get dehumidifier

It’s important to understand that you have quite a lot of work ahead of you to fix your water damage problem. If you can manage some of the water damage cleanup on your own, a basic step is to get fresh air moving through the area to dry the water. Open the windows and turn on as many fans as possible to get air flowing throughout the house. Not only will this help dry the area, but it will also reduce odors later on. If you have access to a dehumidifier, use it to take moisture out of the air.

Along with the windows and fans, this will help accelerate the water damage cleanup efforts by removing the water. Check the reservoir tank often and empty it regularly—it is necessary to run the dehumidifier until everything is completely dry to avoid the chances of mold and mildew from growing.

Take photos of the damage

This will save you from much hassle later on. Take photos of the damaged area as evidence for your insurance claim. Like any accident, accurate documentation is critical and will give you the proof you need that will place you in the best possible position when settling a claim.

After taking these valuable steps, go through your belongings that were affected by the water. Carefully sort through any papers, books, keepsakes and photos, and inspect them for any damage. If they aren’t particularly valuable or horribly ruined, throw them away. You can make photocopies of most paperwork and then throw it away. If there are any valuables that have been damaged, place them in a freezer-safe food bag and freeze your valuables until you can consult with a water damage professional, to see if they can be saved.

After that, if you have a wet/dry vac, suck up as much water as you can from the water damaged areas. This will be especially helpful for carpeted areas, upholstered furniture and even wood and tile floors. You can continue the process until the bulk of any water damage has been cleaned up, and there is no more water collecting in the vaccum’s catch basin. This step takes a great deal of time and effort, so be patient.

It is important to note that wooden surfaces that have been affected by water are more important than carpeted areas, as wood is porous and can soak up the water, causing warping and delaminating. It’s a very good idea to tackle this first, by focusing the dehumidifier and fans on these areas.

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