As terrifying as a fire is when it happens, the harm it inflicts on you and your property can go on long after the last flames have been doused. Fires produce thick clouds of smoke and soot that cover everything they come in contact with. Smoke leaves behind soot debris and caustic substances that can threaten your building’s structure, its contents and the people occupying it.

If you’ve had a recent fire and you’re seeing traces of soot with a faint, burnt smell, your property could be suffering from smoke damage. You may not notice it immediately, but smoke’s acidic components can corrode metals, eat away at wood, discolor textiles and even cause skin irritations. Don’t let incremental property loss set in. Call your qualified smoke and soot restoration service provider, Kennedy Restoration Services , to get your place back to its pre-disaster form.

That’s exactly where Kennedy Restoration Services comes in. Our Boston-based team of experts has the skills, equipment and experience necessary for a full recovery from smoke and soot damage. Throughout our distinguished business history, we have made our mark in the New England area with our commitment to excellence and our unwavering desire to help our clients. As hundreds of property owners can attest, having Kennedy Restoration Services handle your cleaning and restoration needs is like entrusting your property to a family member.

Call us today and let our friendly staff assist you with all your needs. We’re ready to dispatch a team of restoration experts right to your doorstep for a free inspection and cost estimate. For general inquiries, you can also email us via our Contact Us form.

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Reno did a very good job. He arrived right on time. he knew exactly what he was doing and explained everything very well. Your company has a Great reputation because of Workers like Reno.

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Thank you for a great experience again..I have used your company in the past yrs ago and had excellent and exceptional service so now that I have bought my own home was happy to do so again..From my phone call to my actual service I received awesome customer service..thank you again..

Jennifer V.

Why only 5 star option??? Bill couldn't have been nicer or more professional. He did a fine job!

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